10:50 - 12:30
Session: S09
[Questioning the Publics] + Design
Research on the Communication Management Model of Public Participation in Community Renewal
Community Renewal; Public Participation; Stakeholder Theory; Communication Management Model
Ming XU, Duan WU

Public participation is an essential link in the process of community renewal. Careful consideration of the multiple stakeholders’ demands can reflect justice and influence social development. However, in the community renewal process in mainland China, due to the lack of universal participation mechanism and difference in communication skills, the discursive power of different subjects is unbalanced. Those multiple reasons cause public participation in the Chinese mainland at a very early level. Therefore, this research aims at: (1) find out the obstacles of public participation in mainland China; (2) study ways to improve the discursive power by promoting the fairness of communication; (3) build a mechanism to promote communication between multi-stakeholders and verify its strength.