10:50 - 12:30
Session: S41
[3D Systems] + Design
Make It for Fun or Sustainable? Maker and Maker-entrepreneur on Open Source Product Development in Shenzhen
Maker Movement; Open Source Hardware; Open Source Product Development; Maker Entrepreneur; Co-Creation
Zhouyang WANG, Zhengyu TAN, Yujia MA

Maker movement has brought various new technologies which inspired opensource hardware (OSH) development. Through the methodology of open design, a novel product development method called open source product development(OSPD) was developed. Our research explores the recent explicit practices of maker and maker-entrepreneur in conducting OSPD practice in Shenzhen to obtain status and transition of the OSPD process. We conduct qualitative research on the OSPD process of the local maker and maker-entrepreneur participants in Shenzhen. By conducting a semi-structured interview and coding analysis, we synthesized keycodes and conceptualized them into a graph by mapping codes into a double diamond design process to illustrate maker and maker-entrepreneur in two OSPD routes separately. Our findings suggest that makers and maker-entrepreneur are coping with OSPD and extend it in several ways. Firstly, we found interest-driven is the main factor that encourages maker to perform OSPD, Secondly, co-creation process such as co-design and co-production was found between maker, maker-entrepreneur, and other stakeholders, Finally, we found marketing tools, as well as a UCD design method, was applied by maker entrepreneur during OSPD. Our finding could serve as a proof-of-concept that OSPD is adopted and extended by current makers and maker entrepreneurs.