10:50 - 12:30
Session: S25
[Educational Futures] + Design
Readjusting design education for Japanese high school students during the Covid-19 pandemic: A case study to investigate students’ attitude in using online whiteboard for group discussions during design activities
Design Education; Design Discussions; Online Whiteboard; Sdgs Education; Design Process

The purpose of this study is to understand and describe Japanese high schoolstudents’ perspectives in using online whiteboards during face-to-face group discussions for design activities in the Covid-19 pandemic. Using the SDGs ChallengeProject in Fukusho High School in Fukuoka City, a qualitative research approachwhere the case study which included quantitative and qualitative inputs was adopted. Based on the findings, the following main points can be concluded. Firstly,even though students may feel that they are not competent users of digital devices,they may still think that e!ective group discussions can be achieved using an onlinewhiteboard during face-to-face group discussions. This may be because real-timesocial interactions can still be achieved as lessons are conducted face-to-face. Secondly, students’ perceptions of achieving e!ective group discussions and the easeof use of the online whiteboard may influence their motivations in using the onlinewhiteboard in future lessons. This may be due to the perception that as long as theonline whiteboard is easy to use and it enhances performance, students may generally feel motivated in using the online whiteboard in future discussions. The findingsfrom this study will provide insights for academics and high school teachers whenconducting face-to-face lessons and attempting to use of online tools to mitigatechallenges o!ered by the pandemic