15:00 - 16:40
Session: S14
[Interaction and Emotions] + Design
Interaction for crisis: a review of HCI and Design projects on climate change and how they engage with the general public
Human-Computer Interaction; Design; Communication; Sustainability; Climate Change
Marta FERREIRA, Valentina NISI, Nuno Jardim NUNES

Climate change is arguably the most urgent crisis of our lifetimes, and the Designcommunity has been continuously exploring how to respond to this complex challenge. However, the past few years have demonstrated just how di#cult climatechange communication and engagement can be. As a response to the Anthropocene challenges, HCI and Design researchers have been debating the need fora shift from user-centered design to more inclusive, multispecies perspectivesthat also focus on systemic change. This is, therefore, an opportune moment toquestion how Design researchers have been approaching climate change and itsinteraction challenges, supporting the discussion on where the field should go. Wepresent a literature review of HCI and Design research projects on climate changethat target the general public. The result is the analysis and discussion of a corpusof 74 projects through the grounded theory review method. From our findings, wepropose implications for design that take advantage of diverse interaction strategiesand hope to inform future applied research on this pressing topic.