15:00 - 16:40
Session: S47
[Behaviour and Cognition] + Design
Novel Tactile Feedback Research for Situation Awareness in Autonomous Vehicles
Situation Awareness; Autonomous Vehicles; Tactile Perception; Vibration; Feedback
Jiawei YANG, Xinyue YU, Wang MENGGE, Zhenhao CHEN, Hao TAN

During the takeover of autonomous vehicles, non-driving related tasks (NDRTs)occupy most of the driver’s attention. A large number of audio-visual channels are occupied, and the driver’s situation awareness of the traffic conditions decreases. The tactile channel is less occupied and highly intuitive and brings less perceptual and attentional load as a supplement to the audio-visual channel. Therefore, we studied the impact of tactile feedback on drivers’ situation awareness and verified that in autonomous vehicles, tactile feedback can enhance drivers’ situation awareness of traffic conditions.