10:50 - 12:30
Session: S24
[Mobility and Interfaces] + Design
Merging motorcycle and smart phone controls for ride-share electric motorcycles
Electric Motorcycle; Ergonomics; Physical Interfaces Design; Last Mile Transportation
Roger BALL, Xiaoyu CHEN, Wei WANG, Heidi OVERHILL

In an era of rising urban density, innovative solutions are needed to facilitate short-distance “last mile” personal transportation. One new solution for last-mile transportation is ride-share electric motorcycles (REMs) A preliminary review of the operation of REMs identified a problem with the dual control systems, which use both mechanical and digital interfaces. Currently, riders wishing to employ digital features like GPS navigation must release their hold on the handlebar to tap or swipe an associated smartphone. To overcome that problem, this design study explored a new mechanical control unit to provide control over a smartphone during riding.