15:00 - 16:40
Session: S36
[Interconnected Products] + Design
The ADI Game: Exploring Futures of Graphic Design and Artificial Intelligence in AIdriven Autonomous Brands
Graphic Design; Branding; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Algorithms; Gans; Automation; Data; Design Tool; Card Game; Interplay; Speculative; Co-Design; Discourse
Duha ENGAWI, Daniel RICHARDS, Charlie GERE

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to impact creative disciplines, such as graphic design, and this is prompting researchers to rethink the role of the designer and consider a plethora of questions regarding the ethical use of AI, algorithms and data. Recent research suggests that this rapid development and fusion of AI and graphic design could enable designers and researchers to anticipate future trends and explore new opportunities associated with data-driven innovation and AI-fuelled creativity. This paper explores the potential impact of AI on graphic designers, including how they may deploy AI as a graphic design system in branding rather than simply as another tool to make traditional designs. In order to address this subject, this paper presents the ADI card game, which has been tested with participants in a co-design workshop conducted in Saudi Arabia, a country undergoing a transformation in terms of technology and innovation under the government’s Vision 2030.The findings illustrate the possibilities of developing self-governing brands through gameplay, which will pose new challenges and opportunities for future research.