15:00 - 16:40
Session: S29
[Organizations and Values] + Design
A Review of Research on Design Management and Dynamic Capabilities
Design Management; Dynamic Capabilities; Systematic Literature Review

Design management and dynamic capabilities are not entirely new fields, and the existing literature also mentions the connection between these concepts. The relationship between these two concepts is apparent and lacks in-depth research. However, studying the relationship between design management and dynamic capabilities helps us understand the nature of design management, discovering and responding to changes. Through literature review, we can clarify the relationship between them. Design management is a dynamic capability, and it can also generate new dynamic capabilities. Design management can be a dynamic capability because it has precise characteristics of dynamic capabilities, namely sensing, seizing, and transforming resources. Simultaneously, it can contribute new dynamic capabilities because it has the conditions for generating dynamic capabilities while the organisation and management process, specific positions, paths, and complete routines. Exploring the composition of design management through dynamic capability theory is of great significance to constructing the theoretical framework and operational prototype of design management.