10:50 - 12:30
Session: S22
[ Behaviour and Empathy] + Design
A Behavioural Strategy to Nudge Young People to Adopt In-Person Counselling: Gamification
Gamification; Adoption; Usability; Vividness; Counselling
Shengen PIAO, Jaewoo JOO

“Purpose- The purposes of this research are to investigate (1) whether gamification increases the adoption of in-person counselling, (2) whether gamification increases usability of in-person counselling (3) whether usability of in-person counselling increases adoption of in-person counselling and (4) whether vividness of presentation increases the effect of gamification on usability of in-person counselling. Methods- Eight young people participated in our two experiments. In the first experiment, a 2 (Gamification: no vs. yes) between-subjects design was employed to test hypothesis 1. In the second experiment, a 2 (Gamification: no vs. yes) x 2(Vividness: low vs. high) between-subjects design was employed to test hypothesis2,3,4. Results- First, the results of Experiment 1 showed that gamification increased adoption. Second, the results of Experiment 2 showed that gamification increased effectiveness and satisfaction. Third, the findings obtained from Experiment 2 supported that usability increased adoption. Fourth, vividness of presentation increased the effect of satisfaction on the usability of in-person counselling. Conclusions This research firstly examines the effect of gamification on the adoption of in-person counselling using carefully designed experiments. Our study demonstrated that gamification nudged young people to adopt in-person counselling and verified usability mediates the relationship and vividness moderates the relationship. Our findings provide fresh insights into counsellors and the basis for future research.”