10:50 - 12:30
Session: S39
[Life Values] + Design
Living Better without Plastic: Identifying Design Consideration for Product Service Aimed at Reducing Plastic Wastage
Plastic; Waste; Biodegradable; Problem; Design
Wai-Dik AU, Yi-Teng SHIH

Plastic is one of the foremost common materials being employed in numerousproducts, from daily use items to transportation. Recent studies have shown thatplastic waste is gradually increasing, due to continuously high demand, the inabilityto degrade quickly and the lack of recycling. Prior design research has addressedthe main problems with plastic, including how most plastic products are not biodegradable, whilst any plastics that are considered degradable will become microplastics in shorter periods. This short research paper will propose a system thatcould reduce the number of plastics plus identifying three design considerations,which can be implemented in future design concepts to reduce plastic waste.