15:00 - 16:40
Session: S32
[Perceptions and Performance] + Design
The connection between perceived product performance and evoked emotions
Everyday Objects; Product Aspects; Design And Emotion; Emotional Experience; Perceived Performance
Ghazaleh SEPAHPOUR, Alethea BLACKLER, Marianella Ivonne CHAMORRO-KOC

To enhance emotional experiences of everyday objects, this study investigated how perceived product performance influences creating emotions. Fifteen pairs of participants were asked to share their experiences of everyday objects while they were looking at a list of products and personalities and attributing those personalities to products. Analysing the data from these co-discovery sessions showed that perceived poor performance of products causes negative emotions while satisfactory performance can lead to both positive and negative emotions. In creating both positive and negative emotions, functional aspects were more influential than symbolic and aesthetic ones. Results of this study can help designers to get a better understanding of interaction between people and products in order to design products which evoke positive emotions.