15:00 - 16:40
Session: S51
[Community and Healing] + Design
Evolution of the Systems Design for Vegetable dispensing & selling to adapt to the pandemic practices.
Vegetablevendor; Pandemic; Designinclusion; Designstrategy
Sanmitra Narendra CHITTE, Manohar Vitthal DESAI

The vegetable vending in the Indian market has been influenced with the earlier barter system. This system stemmed from the concept of paying with goods for goods rather than cash. This system involved setting up market places for interaction within the people for a give and take of goods. The exchange involved human understanding and was a more organic process. The current pre-pandemic process of dispensing and selling of the vegetables involved the typical operational middle man system of the Mandi’s (huge marketplaces) selling it to small vegetable vendors. The small vegetable vendors then sold it to various areas. This paper aims at discussing the changes in the marketplace or selling of the vegetables through different ways during the pandemic and the current state of affairs. This paper discusses the visual journey along with the theoretical explanation of the system change.