10:50 - 12:30
Session: S26
[Technology and Autonomy] + Design
Public Bicycle service contents for ‘Seoul Bike Life+’ – Focused on Middle-aged Users
Service Design; Contents Design; Public Bicycle; Seoul Bike Ttareungyi; User Research
Minji KIM, Byungkeun OH

Domestic public bicycles in Korea were started by launching Changwon City’s “Nubija” service in 2008, and Seoul City’s “Ttareungyi” service, which began in 2015,contributed to popularising public bicycles. However, the number of users is not increasing due to the inconvenience of the public bicycle use environment and service method. In the case of Ttareungyi, this would be why primary users’ age group weighted in their 20s and 30s. In this study, the design of service contents that can help expected users in their 40s or older and the users in the existing age group use Seoul public bicycle Ttareungyi proposed. The service content was planned to increase the frequency of public bicycle use for middle-aged and older people to exercise and leisure in everyday life by conducting question surveys and observation surveys to derive their needs and problems in existing services. This study tried to improve the usefulness of public bicycles such as rental methods, Ttareungyi Lifebike station, course guide sign system, navigation, and personal health information provision. Significantly, the concept of a public bicycle use campaign named “SeoulBike Life+” was introduced and tried to enhance the availability of public bicycles by suggesting service content for it.