15:00 - 16:40
Session: S31
[Enabling Practices] + Design
Reconciling the gap between Seamless and Seamful design approaches
Seamful; Seamless; HCI; Contextual Integrity
Luis Lourenço SOARES, James STEWART, David E ALEXANDER, Chris SPEED

This paper explores conceptually and empirically the complex and multi-layered networks of interaction where personal data is shared across different platforms. This is explored through the vocabulary and tensions established by ‘seamful’ and ‘seamless’ design approaches and their limitations in allowing people to track the flow of personal data across complex assemblages of digital services . These ideas are explored using a participatory method to support the design of Inclusive Digital Services where a prototype of seamless service related to data reuse and sharing is co-designed to address friction, effort, risk and cost (FERC) inherent to third sector services. The conclusion suggests that we need to foster a new attitude towards the development of trust in human-computer interaction, this can be achieved by promoting the turn to privacy by design and addressing the gap between ‘seamless ’and ‘seamful’ design through participatory methods.