10:50 - 12:30
Session: S38
[Multidisciplinary] + Design
Exploration of the evolution direction of design patterns under the shift of design paradigms
Design Paradigm; Design Pattern; Design Research; Design Empowerment; Design Ethics
Jiahuan QIU, Jun ZHANG

The article first sorts out the literature research on design paradigm and design pattern, and distinguishes the two important concepts of design paradigm and design pattern. Under the framework of the four economic paradigms of value creation proposed by Philips Design, combined with the research of design paradigms by domestic and foreign scholars, the article sorts out “Form Follows Function”, “User-Centered”, “Collaboration-Empowerment Innovation”, “Ethical Value Exchange” four design paradigms with different value propositions, and described in detail from the five dimensions of social changes, abnormal phenomena, paradigm shift, design philosophy, and design methods. After the case analysis of domestic and foreign industrial design enterprises and organizations, five design patterns with different value dimensions and their evolution directions are summarized: “Design Manufacturing Pattern”, “Design Consulting Pattern “, “Design Research Pattern “,“Design Empowerment Pattern “ and “Design Leading Pattern “. In the end, the article exploratively discusses the possible evolution direction of design patterns under the background of the four design paradigm shifts.