15:00 - 16:40
Session: S32
[Perceptions and Performance] + Design
Unravelling Complexity
Sustainability; Circular Design; Thinking Through Making; Design For Debate; Impact

This pictorial illustrates how sustainability in textiles depends on a complex set of design decisions, as well as different sustainable values. By literally and figurative lyunravelling and analysing an unsustainable textile product, these decisions and values were made visible and tangible. Through a first simulated and then actual development process of textile products, participants came to experience the effects of their own assumptions on sustainability and gained a better understanding of the complexity and challenges of textile production. This method allowed designers and producers to explore and discuss the opportunities for sustainability in production processes and the impact of design decisions at an early stage of product development. A similar strategy was used to interactively teach a general public about the impact of design decisions on the sustainability of textiles.