10:50 - 12:30
Session: S26
[Technology and Autonomy] + Design
Only Tablet with Dark Hair (Pictorial)
Pictorial; Photographic Narrative; Ontological Design; Balance; Humour; Design Fiction
Shunying An BLEVIS, Eli BLEVIS

This pictorial takes the form of an original poem and photographs. Each illustrates the other. The theme concerns how contemporary ontological conditions may be induced by preoccupation with digital devices and online media. There is an element of dark humour. There is also a sense in which the design of our photographic narrative is an appeal to return to a healthy balance between virtual and physical. We also describe how this pictorial situates in the historical context of pictorials. We reflect on how the pictorial relates to selected conference themed design modes, technical considerations, and the photographic narrative as a form of design fiction.