10:50 - 12:30
Session: S44
[Prototypes and Tools] + Design
Visualizing Stress – in-person and virtual co-designing with chart-based tools
Design Research; Co-Design; Toolkits; Virtual Co-Design; Students Mental Health
Yvette SHEN, Elizabeth SANDERS

In this pictorial, we present four co-design tools that were created to help the students visualize their stress and then describe how they feel about and deal with stress. The workshops were conducted in-person before COVID-19 and later virtually during the pandemic. The same tools used in the in-person workshops were transferred to a digital format for the online sessions. The visual results demonstrate how students were able to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and feelings by plotting data points, building connections, and explaining processes with graphical representations and annotations. The openness and the flexibility of the tools triggered many personalized modifications by the participants, especially when they were used in the non-digital freehand drawing format.