15:00 - 16:40
Session: S35
[Multimodal Challenges] + Design
Leveraging on fabrication and making methodologies to support the development of ecological empathy
Fabrication; Thinking Through Making; Nature Exploration; Ecological Empathy
Saverio SILLI, Francesca VALSECCHI

In this pictorial, the authors describe how fabrication and making methodologies have been used within the scope of a design studio to support concept development in a more embodied and sensory oriented way. We also describe how such a way is very relevant for the studio brief: reconnecting human and Nature. The images included in the pictorial offer details of the methodology and the fabrication techniques proposed to the students and reflect on their impact on the relevance and maturity of the final projects realised. Finally, we argue that hands-on techniques may offer better support in addressing not-anthropocentric design projects, thus opening the reflection for how research and teaching of design may look like in a post-human design era.