10:50 - 12:30
Session: S01
[Fabrication] + Design
Making in/with Nature: Lessons from an Eco-Village for Sustainable Making
Sustainable Making; Diy; Permaculture; Eco-Village; Hci
Hongyi TAO, Dhaval VYAS

In this pictorial, we present findings from a field study in an eco-village. Eco-villages are communities where residents share environmental values and have developed long-term making practices around housing, food production and other methods of living self-reliant. We investigate sustainable making practices to study how and why makers design, build, and retrofit their settings to make their communities more sustainable. This qualitative study brings our learnings from the eco-village to the field of Human-Computer Interaction and discusses three aspects of sustainable making: non-humans as stakeholder, non-specialist solutions, and human ingenuity and sustainable identity. Perspectives of sustainable making encourage researchers to look beyond human-centered design to enable making as the catalyst that prospers sustainable and resilient future.