10:50 - 12:30
Session: S01
[Fabrication] + Design
Re-thinking the social to survive the ruins human has made
Re-Thinking The Social; Care; Posthuman; Encounters; Web Making Moves

Confronted with the challenges of our time, i.e. globalization and its consequences, ecological crises, social inequality, etc., the need arises for designers to recalibrate the ‘modes’ of design as we know them. ‘Re-thinking the social to survive the ruins human has made’ starts from my own (bodymind) work in order to question social sustainability in (interior)architecture. This work is developed from an eco-feminist perspective and repositions design practices in a posthuman context. In what follows my (bodymind) work is linked to Maria Puig de la Bellacasa’s book ‘Matters of Care’. By doing so I elaborate on the potential of carefully designing Encounters and web makings as a design proposal to debunk the value of (human) independency, and the corresponding tendency of objectifying all other than human. Consequently, the elaboration on these careful (bodymind) design proposals aim to re-think the social in order to sustainably inhabit planet earth.