Kostas Terzidis (chair)

Kostas Terzidis is professor at D&I at Tongji University and director of the ShangXiang Lab.  Previously, was associate professor at Harvard University GSD (2003-2011) and assistant professor at the UCLA (1995-2003).   He holds a PhD from the University of Michigan, Masters from OSU, and diploma from Aristotle University.  He is author of numerous academic papers and the sole author of four books: Permutation Design (Routledge: 2014), Algorithms for Visual Design (Wiley: 2009), Algorithmic Architecture (Architectural Press: 2006), and Expressive Form (Spon:2003).  His current research is in AI and Art:  he has developed courses for kids and AI, conferences on AI+Art, and papers on AI and design.

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